Meet Judy—Your Virtual Cybersecurity Assistant & the Heart of AaDya.

Interactive and intelligent, Judy provides 24/7 protection and support you can trust, replacing the need for additional staff or service providers.

  • Need a new password?
  • Not sure if you were hacked?
  • Need help with an application’s security settings?
  • Wondering if you should click on that link?

Judy has you covered.

meet judy

Judy Never Sleeps, So You Can.

Cyber crime targeting small businesses is on the rise, Judy makes sure yours is protected.

Unauthorized logins, potential breaches, compromised passwords…Judy has you covered. She works 24/7 across your devices to secure your most sensitive company and customer information, leveraging a robust set of features to make work safer and easier for your entire team.

Single Sign On

Part of our password manager and the star of the show. Our single sign on feature increases security, and the ease-of-use will make your team jump for joy when they find out all they need to remember (after their morning coffee) is a single password. Thanks to Judy, who creates and stores login information, your team can bypass login screens to easily access the applications they use every day like Gmail, Slack, Office and more.

Password Management

We get it. Passwords are exhausting, and it’s easier to reuse them or put them on a sticky note. Unfortunately, this puts your company at risk. AaDya’s password manager provides a secure and private vault using industry-grade algorithms and ciphers to create, store and protect all your passwords. Your employees can choose to maintain them, or forget it and let Judy rotate and audit them to meet the highest security standards. Either way, they’ll have more time to focus on their work instead of their passwords.

Endpoint Protection

Cyber attacks increasingly target small and medium businesses, and the results can be devastating. Through 24/7 threat monitoring Judy provides protection from threats like spyware, malware and ransomware, keeping you and your digital assets safe. And since Judy works across all your devices, she’ll be able to provide you with real-time updates anytime, anyplace, on malicious activity and the steps she’s taken to stop it.

Threat Detection & Automated Remediation

We believe that enterprise-level security engineers should be within reach for the small to midsize business customer. Judy’s Team Blue provides an extra layer of protection by giving you access to a full Security Operations Center trained to detect, respond and remediate security threats as they occur. Additional threat intelligence and logging provides a big picture of your system’s data context and relevant and effective reporting to help you meet compliance and customer security requirements.


Phishing attacks account for the majority of all SMB breaches. Judy goes above and beyond basic protection by evaluating ALL links found in email, entered into the browser bar or within a webpage. Our interactive alerts help train your team to think before they click, and since we don’t want to stop them from doing their jobs, the power to proceed when they know it’s a trusted source. With Judy on the job, you know you’ll be protected no matter what.

Compliance Mapping

Judy takes the hassle out of compliance with quick and easy access to framework mapping right from the AaDya dashboard. In one click you can access templates to build, manage and report on SOC 2, NIST, HIPAA, CMMC, GDPR, PCI DSS and ISO 27001 compliance, saving you time and resources with everything you need to meet stakeholder requirements with confidence.

Is your business ready for Judy?

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