August 9th, 2019
Cybersecurity Webinar
Don’t you need years of experience working in IT to become a cybersecurity professional? Isn’t there a shortage in the field because the work is so highly specialized? The short answer to both is a resounding NO. In the Webinar, I will discuss, 1. How to break into a career in cybersecurity, 2. How leveraging a mentor can pay dividends, 3. How…
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August 4th, 2019
Growth at AaDya
I love drinking my morning coffee on the patio and staring at this little gem. See this Japanese Maple was given to me by my husband as a gift while we were dating. Four years ago during our home remodel a brick wall fell and took out the entire canopy of branches leaving one small branch. I moved it here, added some high end dirt, watered it daily and…
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July 19th, 2019
Job Search Journey
Found this Gem of a picture yesterday as I was cleaning out some old boxes from work. It's my first corporate profile picture. Looking at this I would tell this 28-year-old a few things. -Don't worry that your outfit doesn't fit correctly or that it's from a Thrift Store. No one noticed. -Don't worry about making a mistake or having to take a step…
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