Growth at AaDya

I love drinking my morning coffee on the patio and staring at this little gem. See this Japanese Maple was given to me by my husband as a gift while we were dating. Four years ago during our home remodel a brick wall fell and took out the entire canopy of branches leaving one small branch. I moved it here, added some high end dirt, watered it daily and knew it would grow. This is how I look at team members to join our team or want to change careers. Do they have a good base of skills? (Communications, Problem Solving and a Hunger to Succeed) When the answer is yes, great let's add training, mentoring and weekly 1x1s. Do know they will make errors, have many days were they doubt the decision, BUT guess what in the end they GROW. Have you ever taken this chance on someone or had someone do it for you? I'd love to hear the story.

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