Job Search Journey

Found this Gem of a picture yesterday as I was cleaning out some old boxes from work. It's my first corporate profile picture. Looking at this I would tell this 28-year-old a few things.

-Don't worry that your outfit doesn't fit correctly or that it's from a Thrift Store. No one noticed.

-Don't worry about making a mistake or having to take a step back, you will make many and that's ok. Even the time you were fired was a lesson learned.

-Surrounding yourself with amazing friends it still helps you through this journey. Special shout out to my Austin Texas Gals and Circle of Friends. :)

-Dream BIG. Set goals and even if it doesn't pan out how you thought eventually you will get there.

-Lastly, just be you no matter what level of the organization you are interacting with be honest, help others even if it's not in your area and tell the truth. Sometimes good leaders see something in you that even you can't see yet.

I see many of you just starting your careers and wanted you to know we've all been there, it's hard but don't give up. So if you could give the 28-year-old version of you some guidance as you entered the corporate world what would it be?

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