meet judy
Hello! I'm Judy, your Cybersecurity Assistant.

Meet Judy.

She’s your virtual cybersecurity assistant and the heart (and brains) of our platform.

Judy works 24/7 across all your devices to secure your most sensitive company and customer information, and does everything from go-between to behind-the-scenes to make work safer and easier for your entire team.

Built using the latest AI and machine-learning technology, Judy is always working, always learning and always at your service. Leveraging a robust set of features, including next-generation security and powerful business tools, she delivers everything you need to protect your brand, your customers, and your bottom line.

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Judy creates and stores login information, enabling you to bypass the login screen and easily access the applications you use every day.

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Password Management

Judy uses a secure and private vault to create, store and protect all your passwords, keeping unauthorized users out of your login data.

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Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR)

Judy combines powerful anti-virus with next-generation threat intelligence to secure your devices and stop malware and ransomware from infecting your network.

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Threat Detection & Automated Remediation

Meet Judy’s Team Blue. Team Blue provides threat monitoring and remediation, automated responses, additional threat intelligence, and a live team of experts to protect your environment.

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Advanced Anti-Phishing

Judy leverages DNS filtering to block malicious websites and content at the source to make browsing safer and faster.

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Compliance Mapping

Judy takes the hassle out of meeting compliance with one-click access to easy-to-use framework mapping tools.

Why Businesses Need Judy

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Easy-to-manage all-in-one platform

Your time and resources are valuable, and onboarding and training staff on new software solutions can be daunting. Judy makes it easy. She’ll walk you through our easy set up and then work behind the scenes to keep your information secure, and up front to keep your team happy, safe and productive.


Is your business ready for Judy?

Request a demo experience Judy in action, or get your team working safer and smarter today.